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Many of us are feeling restless on the days where the weather keeps us indoors. Wondering what to do to stay involved with your bike and fitness during these times? Here are a few biking off day suggestions to keep both your spirit and body on track for when you are able to get back out.


Spend a little time making sure your chain is lubed, tires are in good shape, brakes are working. If you need a tune up drop it off at your local shop or google traveling bike tuners that come to you.


As our cortisol levels are higher than normal due to the stress around us, consider a calm flexibility/yoga sequence to sooth your system and to open up and stretch those tight muscles. With these exercises you will be that much more limber and ready for your next ride. Check out one our archived blog with suggested exercises and poses: Fusing Yoga And Strength To Improve Your Performance On A Bike


If you have a trainer pull it out and turn on your favorite mountain bike videos of all time. Get the cardio and satisfy your need for the pedal rotation! Here are a few  of our favorite suggested films to watch during your spin. Dylan’s List Of The Best MTB Movies Of All Time

SKILL DRILLS: If it’s reasonable out and you’re comfortable heading outside for a shorter period of time, take time to practice some essential skill drills. Head over to any open parking lot, your own driveway, an or an available field and work on your braking, cornering, curb drills and more. Check out some of our video tutorials here to give you a some guidance.


Hey why not spend a little time researching your dream riding trips. While it might be awhile till you can travel, there are endless locations to plan a bike getaway. Spend a little time researching locations with better weather, or dream of locations you can plan for down the road. We can all use something to look forward towards.


Pick your topic! Spend some time reading a book you have wanted to. One of our favorites to stay inspired: Mind Body Mastery-Training for Sport and Life by Dan Millman

These are just a few short and sweet suggestions to keep you positive during times when outside fun isn’t in the cards.