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You’re on a ride and suddenly you come up on unexpected mtb obstacle. You stare it down like it’s a giant bear. Instead of avoiding it you barrel right into it. The question then is “Where to look?” when trying to avoid mtb obstacles.

Focus On Where Not What

As many of us can attest the immediate inclination is to focus on the mtb obstacles themselves. But the focus for success on the trail and the bike is to look where you WANT to go, NOT, where you don’t want to go or what you want to avoid. As Tony Robbins says:

Our energy goes where our attention flows.

Or also said –

Our body and bike flows where our focus goes.

Eagle eye vision when on the bike increases the commitment to the line you plan on riding.

VISION Tips for Mountain Biking Success!

Looking ahead, with a level head. Rely on your bodies natural bio mechanics. Your line of site should match the direction you are moving, at an almost parallel plain. Attention is looking down the hill, or up the hill you are riding to judge what needs to be adjusted. Also, let your head move in the direction of the corner earlier to help set up and allow you to follow through with good vision.

Talk Yourself Up

Dylan Renn mountain biking coach showing how to take mtb obstaclesBe specific in your references. “I want to ride there”. Always be positive and confident never negative with your self talk on the bike. Boost in positive self talk will carry over to an improved riding experience! And remember the #1 reason we’re all out there and that’s to have fun.