Cornering, Wheel Lifts & Technical Terrain- Tamarancho, Marin - A Singletrack Mind Professional Mountain Bike Skills Coaching

Cornering, Wheel Lifts & Technical Terrain- Tamarancho, Marin

Date(s) - 03/20/2022
09:00 - 16:00


  • This is a more advanced clinic. Optimal to have had a base clinic before or have spent time on Tamarancho riding.
  • In this 1-day comprehensive mountain bike clinic you will gain the skills and confidence to ride trails that may have troubled you in the past. Refining your cornering and switchbacks skills, wheel lifts- both front and rear and learn to confidentially maneuver in technical terrain on the trails of Tamarancho.
  • A great progression clinic from a previous fundamental sessions
  •  Emphasis on:  balance and speed to improve your confidence and control while on the trail. Learning how to weight and un-weight your bike will  help you ride with precision in uneven terrain. We will be discussing scouting the line, vision, trail assessment, and body position. Looking for ways to stay committed to the bike and trail in challenging terrain.
  • Cornering/Switchbacks-We will cover what types of corners there are and how to set up, analyze and rail them. Vision- and looking ahead to be prepared. Working on slow speed and high speed cornering and riding through switchbacks with confidence.
  • Wheel Lifts-both front and rear to help confidentially maneuver up and over varied features and terrain.
  • Emphasis on the progression in technique with more advanced maneuvers of the skills learned from Core Fundamentals.



Inter progressions & Technical Terrain


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