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Dylan Renn in the News: Wired Magazine’s Dirt Dog Seriesdylan demonstrating

Here on the A Singletrack Mind blog, we try to give you valuable tips, interesting information and news about our clinics to give you insight into our coaching, our passion for mountain biking and what we can do for you.

Today, we take a glimpse at A Singletrack Mind through another set of eyes – Peter Rubin, who in 2012, wrote a four-part series for Wired Magazine on becoming a mountain biker called “Making A Dirt Dog.”

In making the transition from road cyclist to mountain biker, Rubin turned to Renn, A Singletrack Mind’s head coach, for the advise, the training and the skills to progress.

In Making A Dirt Dog Volume 2, Renn breaks down the bike buying process, simplifying and straightening out the daunting realm of bike styles, wheel sizes and all the other choices new buyers are faced with. Check out the article here.

Things have changed a lot since 2012 with suspension designs, wheel sizes and standard and everything else, so if you have any questions looking at a new bike, let us know, we’re happy to help.

For Making A Dirt Dog Volume 3, Rubin joined Renn for a skills camp to learn proper techniques. He describes Renn as “sensei” and talks about his zen demeanor. This was a great article from the perspective of someone who thought, “I know how to ride a bike,” only to find out he was starting from ground zero. Take a look here.

It goes to show, even experienced cyclists can learn a lot from a mountain bike skills clinic. We often find experienced riders have cemented bad habits, that, with just a small adjustment, can make a huge difference.

In Volume 4, Rubin delves deeper into his education under Renn, looking at the specifics of steering and turning. He does a great job of breaking down the lessons and explaining the technique, click here to read more.

It was a blast working with Rubin, and we hope his articles give you more insight into the process and the value of our teaching methods. Click 2016 Clinic Dates above or contact us to find a skills clinic that’s right for you.