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We recognize that the state and federal governments have put shelter-in-place restrictions on all of us, and as such it makes it difficult for us to hold our normal mountain bike clinics at this moment. We also know when this is lifted we look so forward to resuming our small group sessions safely and responsibly.  Until then there are other options to work with you. With that being said, A Singletrack Mind is offering one-on-one private mountain bike coaching. If you’re a person that’s looking to take their mountain biking to the next level, a one-on-one session is a great idea to consider right now.

You Can Still Go Outside… Just Be Responsible

First, let’s get past the stigma… shelter-in-place doesn’t mean you can’t go outside. When you do leave the protection of your home, it’s all about acting responsibly. This means things like not traveling to areas outside of your community. If you do have access to a trailhead and there’s a lot of people congregating, head to a different one. It’s all about avoiding popular spots like beaches and city parks. Be flexible. Outside Magazine did a great job highlighting this in their article “The Rules For Going Outdoors During Coronavirus.”

Individual MTB Coaching Will Respect Laws & Social Distancing

mtb skills sessionFor those interested in honing their skills and getting some time outside, we’re offering you the opportunity to get some more personal mountain bike coaching. As we talked about in our post mountain bike clinics & COVID-19, Dylan will respect the need for social distancing to make sure that everyone stays well on and off the trail.

Why A Private Skills Session Is A Good Idea

Now let’s talk about why a personal lesson is a good idea. Although small groups in our mountain bike clinics provide a great amount of learning, one-on-one mountain bike coaching adds an even higher personal level to it. The focus is on you and only you. That means the lesson will be catered specifically on your own goals, overcoming your personal roadblocks on the bike and trail, and get quicker feedback.

You Need High Quality Coaching For One-on-One Clinics

With the attention solely on you, the importance of a highly qualified coach becomes even more paramount. The requirements of a personal mountain biking clinic means the needs are more technical. We’ll focus on specific skills and tactical needs on the trail to help facilitate your ambitions and wants.

For those interested in signing up for an individual clinic, please email us.