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A Singletrack Mind offers mountain bike skills clinics, camps and coaching throughout the west coast, Lake Tahoe, Truckee and Northern California areas. Sharpen your skills, progress faster and have more fun.

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Sometimes your bike wants to the be the star of the show. And that's not a problem when your ride had this scenery. πŸ˜‰ β €
Happy Thanksgiving from A Singletrack Mind!
Any season, any day, your trails are calling for you to go for a ride. So... when was your last ride?

πŸ“Έ @abnerkingman
How do you like your turns? Fast or slow... or any turn at all? β €
When your trails look like this, will you keep riding? #fattires #fattireseason #snowbikes
So focused. So intent. This is all about finding your flow out on the trail. #ridemore #rule1havefun
High atop a hill, it's time for a group photo and to look out over the landscape and see where you started. πŸ‘€  Not a bad view from up here.
Whoop-Whoop! It's the #whoops that count. #rule1havefun
It's not just about pedaling when you go out for a ride... the journey there & the views count too. #donnerlake #mountainviews
When you're smiling and learning at the same time, you know you've got the formula right. #ridewithusridebetter

πŸ“Έ @abnerkingman
When life gives you a perfect gravel parking lot surrounded by nature... practice your #mtb skills of course! What have you practiced lately?
Fall time is go time! Cooler weather, slower pace, less crowds. The makings of a perfect day.
Upcoming MTB Clinics Near You!-Jump Nov 4th
What's better: 1) the freedom of riding your bike or 2) the challenge of riding your bike?

πŸ“Έ @localfreshies
Do you have a favorite trail you just don't ride enough? Is it time or skill/confidence that keeps you away? We can't help with time... but we can on the confidence part.

πŸ“Έ @localfreshies
How do you feel about your #wheelies? 😱 😎

A few weeks ago I came up with a new drill for slow speed corners pretty happy with it! 😜 Here is the Marin Academy team giving it a go. Makes you do a lot of great things here. Some make sure your #practicemakesprogress and remember #rule1havefun #ridewithusridebetter #morekidsonbikes @norcalleague @nationalmtb #mtblife #mtbpractice #mtbskills #mtbskillscoaching #mtbskillsclinics
Just hanging out in the Sierra Buttes... catching our breath and ready to keep on rockin'. Who's ridden these trails?
Let's meet at the top of Mt. Hough. And while we're up there, we'll knock out a few #mtbskills and crush those trails together. #rideon
Always fun coaching on some steep trails. We worked on some different line choices and showed how to let it go a little. It’s always good to ride with a better rider but we line to say #ridewithusridebetter ✌️ #slapberms #rule1havefun #brownpow #hardtail #hardtailmtb #hardtailforever

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