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A Singletrack Mind offers mountain bike skills clinics, camps and coaching throughout the west coast, Lake Tahoe, Truckee and Northern California areas. Sharpen your skills, progress faster and have more fun.

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When you're working hard on your #mtbskills and Mother Nature gives you the perfect cool weather and a few clouds to create the mood. Do you have a favorite #riding weather?
If you don't think we're having fun, you don't know what fun looks like! Join us for a #mtbclinic this fall and join our #asingletrackmind family. Who knows... your photo could make the perfect holiday card.
Great day riding in Downieville this week! Clear skys with cooler fall temps. Join us in the spring!
What's your favorite scenery for a ride? Mountains, water, grass, trees, rocks, fields... As long as we're on two wheels, we like it all. 

📸 @localfreshies
A fun summer ☀️ memory. Kids, bikes, and popsicles are a classic combo. #mtblife #kidsandbikes
What are you getting after this 🍂 fall? It's a great time of year to ride something new. Cooler weather and quieter trails.

📸 @localfreshies
On a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being not confident and 5 the highest confidence), where's your confidence on riding downhill aggressively? Taking on every obstacle with intent and enjoying it while you're riding it.
It matters where you turn too. Perfect form. Great balance. Proper stance. All that counts... but where you actually turn in the turn is critical too. Are you comfortable in your turns?

📸 @abnerkingman
Anyone who says #mtbclinics aren't fun hasn't ridden with us. Not only is #Rule1HaveFun, we also take your skill progression and riding very seriously so when you leave, you're a better rider physically and mentally than when you came.
How do you feel about #cornering? Cautious and unsure? Slow and steady? Or grippin' and rippin'? Always a popular skill to master... and when you do, a whole new level of terrain opens up.
You can practice your skills anywhere. Just get out there and ride! 
#martiscamp #kidscamp #rideyourbike
Soon enough this will all be covered in snow but that doens't mean we can't remember the fun we had playing in the dirt this summer. #bearvalley
Up and over is the way to go. Down and out is definitely not. Do you feel confident on larger terrain features?
Take #fall by the #handelbars and crush it. Perfect weather and quiet trails make for a great #mtb season.⠀
📸 @markomagister @adrienloron  Regram @thegravitycartel
As #Fall creeps onto the calendar, so do the trails empty out and await just you, your bike, and maybe a furry friend. Don't miss #fallriding. It may be a shorty, but it's a goody.

📸 @localfreshies
When the full face helmets come out... things are getting serious. 👊🏼 #mammothbikepark #downhill #enduro #liftaccess  #mammothmountain⠀

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