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What will I learn/gain from A Singletrack Mind clinic?

Technique enhancement, increased skill set, confidence, motivation, fun! In addition to the skills focus of mountain biking:

  • corneringslow speed
  • balance
  • body position
  • wheel lifts
  • variance of the skills
  • switch backs
  • basic drops
  • vision
  • cornering
  • braking
  • shifting
  • gear selection
  • dismounts and restarts
  • enhanced hand eye coordination
  • drills
  • attention to the details ahead of you
  • a calm clear mind before taking on any technical challenges ahead, on and off the trail.

A Single Track Mind also offers complete video analysis and emphasis on the mental component and its link to ones cycling experience.

What prior riding experience do I need?

Really none, A Singletrack Mind will specifically cater to you the individual or group no matter what level of rider you are- beginner  to professional level. Clinics will differ depending on your riding experience. All are eligible and will gain from A Singletrack Mind clinic.

How long are the clinics?

Varies, from 1 hr privates to 3 days. A Singletrack Mind will work with each individual or group depending on what they need.

How long has Dylan been coaching?

Professionally coaching 13 years, professional racing 20, free-riding 30, Over 10,000 plus hours of professional coaching certified and insured hours

Where are the clinics/camps?

They can be in your hometown or Tahoe local where Dylan resides. Out of state can be arranged as well with the interested party. *Contact us to discuss the logistics for coordinating a clinic near you.

Is A Singletrack Mind Insured?

Yes with Philadelphia insurance/Advent-sure insurance

What if its raining?

A Singletrack Mind clinics are rain or shine. We enjoy the wet tacky dirt for both riding and coaching and have  numerous camps under our belt with  rain showers. We are also mindful of the trail conditions. Each location and trail system tolerates moisture differently. If it’s a down pour and the rain negatively effects the trails or the experience we will make the call to reschedule. For those that are good to go just come prepared with a rain shell for the sessions.  We follow the weather and trail conditions and will notify riders with any changes.  A hot shower and a cup of coffee or tea will be that much more enjoyable after.

Is the coach certified?

Yes. Our head coach Dylan is certified through Betterride  as well as BICP level 1, 2 and 3.  USA Cycling 2, 3.  NICA level 3 head coach and coach trainer, WFR certified. Very few have passed level 3 cert through BICP. Dylan is 1 of  less then 20  level 3 BICP certified coaches in the world.

What if I am an advanced rider can I just skip straight to the Advanced core fundamentals?

If you have taken another core skills clinic prior or if you have a video of your riding to review technique then yes. Or you can also reach out to us and we can discuss your background in depth. A Singletrack Mind  really encourages having the solid base of core skills down prior to advancing.  There is great value in setting the solid foundation down no matter what your ability. This is not to dismiss your advanced riding and current skills  but it is to solidify optimal riding technique.

Why are Enduro and DH/park clinics more expensive?

Skills learned include, yet go beyond the core fundamentals. Often held at a resort where additional logistics and fees are included. *When at a resort lift tix included in price or discount applied if you have a lift tix .

What is the Cancellation Policy?


*Clinics are Rain or Shine-believe it or not some of the best days we have on the trail are drizzle days. *Exceptions: if the specific trail  is closed or does not handle rain well and if it is a colossal storm we will make the call to reschedule. We do want to make sure it is a positive and safe experience and to respect the trails that are prone to erosion.

We want all riders to have a positive experience  Because of permits, travel, trail use limitations and high demand of the clinic spots we have established our cancellation policy as so: Due to the high demand of clinics, limited slots available for sign ups, permit and insurance fee’s, the travel arrangements for the coaches and expenses to get to a camp to serve you A Singletrack Mind requires 30 day notice to refund you 100% of the camp cost. We will refund 50%  with 2 weeks  notice. Less then 2 weeks notice of a cancellation we are happy to apply your registration fee of a full credit to any other camp in a year as long as a clinic is not already full.  *It is also transferable if you want to give to another or you can apply it to any other service we offer. We  believe in our clinics and so do many others (read testimonials). So, we do want to make sure it is possible for you to take the clinic you originally signed up for.  We understand life happens. *We have a 100% guarantee policy. Which means if you are not satisfied  after your coaching experience we will refund you. But you must take the clinic first.

*If there is an emergency or serious injury contact us and we will work on a fair resolution with you.