A Singletrack Mind in the News

BIKE magazine: Lonely valley

“Similarly, in a remote corner of California’s Sierra range, two childhood friends whose adult lives have diverged, come together to celebrate the trails that formed their relationship, both with bikes and each other.”

Tahoe weekly: Singletrack state of mind

“Whether you have been riding for 30 years, consider yourself an advanced or expert rider, or are looking for some pointers to up your game, there is always room for improvement. The one-day skills clinic with A Singletrack Mind proved to me that riding doesn’t have to be about beating myself up.”

MTBR: How to build a better mountain biker

“Dylan is a likeable and genuine person. His attitude and ability to level with every rider created an atmosphere comfortable enough for messing up and asking questions. He’s obviously a very skilled rider and had a way of demonstrating skills precisely, without being showy or intimidating.”

MTBR Review: BetterRide three-day mountain bike skills camp

“This camp takes all those years of experience and delivers it to you in a structured and well organized manner, so that you can actually use the knowledge and improve your skills immediately. You also get instant feedback from a quality coach so you can make changes on the fly and integrate it into your riding style.” *

WIRED: Making a Dirt Dog, Vol. 2: A N00b Goes Mountain Bike Shopping

“So now I have my bike. Well, a bike. I’ve been out on the trail a few times, and I’m having fun. The problem now is that I don’t really know what I’m doing”

Tahoe Daily Tribune: 5 mountain bike skills that will make you faster

“Now learning new mountain bike skills doesn’t always mean you’re going to ride faster but it does guarantee you’re going to have more fun. Having fun is the most important part of why we ride bikes. (page 7)”