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If you didn’t know, Dylan grew up in the pristine mountain town of Bear Valley. Where he, of course, cut his teeth on mountain biking and helped build many of the trails that exist today. Since then, he’s always been on the lookout for the next destination to go further and deeper into the unknown. To help spearhead new trails that don’t exist. His latest find is Everstoke deep in the Lost Sierra.

everstoke mountain biking lost sierraThe Lost Sierra

The northernmost part of the Sierra Nevada is nicknamed the “Lost Sierra.” Pony Express riders gave the region its moniker as they galloped though to deliver mail. A wild region filled with rugged and picturesque mountains. Most bee-line to Downieville’s trails. But for those wanting to experience something a bit wilder and untamed, the rides around Graeagle are a must.

Everstoke – The Basecamp

In the middle of many rides, Dylan discovered a “mountain biking ranch” – Everstoke. Their tiny house is surrounded by 91 acres of rugged mountain goodness that they can craft into whatever they want. Dylan volunteered many hours to help them with their 5 miles of purpose-built MTB trail network. You can see some of the work Dylan’s done below:

What To Expect

Brian from BKXC and Aaron from MTBing Adventures partnered up in 2021 to purchase a slice of mountain wilderness to create their vision of a mountain biking mecca. Little by little, they’ve built out their trails and made the property livable. You’ll find that the network is flowy singletrack intermixed with technical sections and pristinely crafted wooden riding features. At the moment, you can stay in their tiny house, pitch a tent, or park your van. The campground is built with restrooms, water, and even a trail directly to the Brewing Lair allowing you to easily get an after ride refreshment or just hang out. Everstoke is the epitome of close to everything but far from the crowds. This is your chance to experience it all!

If you need a bit more coaxing to visit, they’re hosting an enduro event on September 15th.