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Amy Renn – Program Operations and Communications

Amy Renn is the Program Operations and Communications of A Singletrack Mind. She values and respects riders time and needs when it comes to scheduling their mountain bike clinics. She also understands the importance of guiding individuals to the best fit class for their riding needs and goals so they have the most valuable experience out on the trail.

Besides coordinating mtb clinics, Amy’s foundation is fitness and wellness for over 25 years with an emphasis on functional outdoor fitness. She is a certified personal and group fitness trainer, yoga instructor, certified outdoor fitness and TRX instructor, with her Masters degree in Kinesiology-sport performance. She is also a certified massage therapists since 1999 and is the co-owner of A Singletrack Mind-mountain bike skills coaching. When she is not coordinating mountain bike skills clinics or working with clients to better their health, she is out on the trail running, skiing, biking or exploring the great outdoors.

Dylan Renn – Mountain Bike Skills Coach

I started riding a bike at 5. When I was 11 years old I got my first real mountain bike at The Cove bike shop in Sausalito.  I rode it everywhere and off everything and in the end I destroyed that bike. The next 30 years I rode and broke a lot more bikes from 22 pound X-C bikes to 50 pound DH bikes and everything in between.  My name is Dylan Renn and I’m addicted to mountain bikes.

My early years racing were predominantly cross country for the most part with hill climbs mixed in. As soon as gravity racing started I jumped on board and raced until 2005 in DH as a pro, dual slalom and more recently an occasional Enduro event in the masters pro category. I still race on and off but mostly the past 12 years I’ve  transitioned from being a professional athlete to being a professional mountain bike coach. For 2 consecutive years I worked as the skills coach and head coach for a private high school MTB team.The high school team finished third in state despite that they were one of the smallest teams in division 1. Their smiles were big and their progress was infinite. Later  on I became the head coach and skills coach for several other youth, collegiate, corporate, and club  teams.

Even as a coach  I still break bicycles on occasion. Being a UBI level 1 and 2 grad  I have a detailed understanding of the mechanics of the bike and fortunately can remedy any failed mechanical issues that frequently occur in the sport. Besides the technicalities of the bike, really, I enjoy coaching because it gives me a chance to share what I have learned as a rider over the years and as a student. I now spend most of my weekends coaching rather than racing and I find that it is far more satisfying to see others progress.

My coaching style is a hands-on rider-to-rider approach. I explain, demonstrate then have each rider go through each lesson by applying the skills in varied terrain. The process of improvement is unique to each of my students, but in general, it’s a process of becoming aware, correcting errors and setting personal goals for each rider.  With  all riders and especially the young ones, congratulations are always included to keep them having fun and learning.  For all my students/clients I’m always taking notes on their riding style  and improvement. I believe as a teacher it’s my responsibility to provide an environment which will not intimidate the riders so as to help them progress safely and confidently.

So if you are looking for a coach to help you get more confidence and control on the trails reach out. I can help with the fundamental core skills up to progression that involve a mastery of those fundamental core skills. If you are new to the sport there is something you can learn and if you’re a pro there is still something I can help you with. Its never too late to learn more tricks,  refine technique and become more aware!

More About Dylan Renn ‘s racing & coaching career

Dylan Renn was born in a small mountain community nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Growing up in the mountains with the convenient accessibility to snow and dirt, allowed him to whole heatedly commit to the sports he loves. He has been a competitive athlete his entire junior and adult life, being on a bike and skis for as long as he remembers. He raced DH and dual slalom at the professional ranking for 15 years. And continues to register for an occasional race when he has the time away from work and his wife and two daughters.

Besides racing mountain bikes professionally, prior to that he was ranked in the top 10 in the nation as a junior Olympian biathlete. Direct involvement with competitive sports is incredibly familiar to him. His competitive commitment to mountain biking transitioned into a professional career in 2008 as a skills coach. Certified by Betterride, NICA, BICP, USA Cycling and NASM certified Mental Skills coach, Dylan brings his love for the sport into his instruction. His passion is evident through his enthusiasm and attention to detail with each participant he works with athletically. Coaching for Betterride as a head coach has brought him to some of the most unique cycling locations around the country and he has continued to be inspired each and every clinic he coaches. He shares his passion and teaches detailed bike skills with those that sign up for the clinics. In addition to coaching Dylan is also a certified UBI mechanic and UBI advanced wheel builder.

His love for the bike expands into the trail the bike flows on as well. He has built numerous trails professionally; skills, flow, jump lines, DH and pump tracks. His passion and commitment to the bike, the trails, the skills that are associated to a better cycling experience continue to evolve and flourish. With each opportunity available Dylan graciously welcomes challenge, learning and professional growth. He continues to expand his own personal mountain bike skills with continued training and certifications. In 2013, Dylan and his family moved back up to the high Sierra town of Truckee. The passion he has with cycling seeps unconditionally into his work and those he coaches.


  • BICP level 1, 2, and 3 ( Bicycle Instructor Certification Program) * only 20 in world have level 3
  • USA Cycling 2,3
  • BETTERRIDE- coaching certification ( head coach)
  • NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) -Head Coach and NICA Coaches Trainer.
  • NASM- Mental Skills training certification
  • WFR (Wilderness First Responder)
  • UBI mechanic and UBI advanced wheel builder.
  • Coaching professionally since 2009, traveling all over the country coaching enthusiastic riders.
  • 6,500 plus professional coaching hrs
  • 22 years professional racing
  • HEAD MTB Coach for  several NICA youth mtb teams. (Truckee High School & Truckee North Tahoe Devo team, 2 successful years as  head coach for Marin Catholic High School, and has worked with numerous other youth, amauter and collegiate teams as their skills coach).
  • Corporate MTB Skills Coach- Regular clients such as Patagonia, Facebook & Google