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Sierra College Community Ed-MTB Trail Techniques-Truckee

May 7 @ 4:30 pm - May 28 @ 6:00 pm

balance on a bike

MTB – Trail Techniques- *Skills & Trail Series

Our discounted community ed skills series offered spring 2024! This class is a great way to tap into improving your riding with valuable and engaging mtb skills, drills  and progressing to trail application. Truckee MTB Skills Clinics brought to you by Sierra College Community Education are only offered in the spring/summer. Varying Skills are covered each week

An extension from the original mountain bike fundamentals series, this class is for anyone eager to build their mountain biking skills and progress to be more efficient and confident on the trail. It is not required that you have taken the previous course. We’ll use ramps and cones to emphasize essential fundamentals first and then progress those skills to more intermediate maneuvers. Series includes some trail application as well as engaging and valuable skills and drills off trail.

Tuesdays: 4 sessions from 5/7-5/28/2024

*For full day with trail application or 1:1 individual sessions go to Skills Clinics on our site for the specific session that works best for you.


Sierra College Community MTB Series

Interactive skill drills clinic utilizing cones,  natural features, portable features, ramps and your body and bike and progressing into trail application. Suited for all level of riders. Even the most experienced riders need to refine their skill set and unravel hindering riding habits.

In the full day sessions we offer on our Skills Clinics on our website, you dive deeper into the skills and have the full day to absorb the content and apply the skills to varied terrain.


Truckee- USFS -We will send a welcome email prior to the clinic with the dropped pin and waiver

How long?

1:30hr  Skills specific, progression to trail application


Skills broken over 4 weeks, progressing to trail application in this series:  Fundamentals (Balance/Gearing/ Body Bike Separation/Key movements, Braking, ) Cornering/Switchbacks,  Wheel lifts/ Bunny Hops/ Essential Progressions of the key skills

Wk 1-Fundamentals (Balance/Gearing/ Body Bike Separation/Key movements, Braking)

Wk 2-Cornering/Switchbacks

Wk3- Wheel lifts (front and rear)/ Bunny Hops/

Wk4- Putting it all together with the essential progressions of each skill

REGISTRATION is through Sierra College here-  Sierra College MTB Community Series


May 7 @ 4:30 pm
May 28 @ 6:00 pm
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OHV Staging Area at Prosser Hill