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Strava is an excellent tool, offering an incredible wealth of data. Decades ago, both weekend warriors and seasoned athletes would have eagerly forked out a fortune for access to such information. However, Strava presents a double-edged sword. While it swiftly aids in improvement, it can also strip away the sheer joy of cycling. Consider taking a break from the digital realm. It’s time to shut off Strava and embrace the trails in a fresh perspective.

outdoor apps stravaInspire Yourself

If you’re beginning the season, there’s a high likelihood that you won’t be close to last year’s numbers. Who cares! For most of us, it’s been months since we’ve been out on the bike. Take in the scenery. Enjoy the sound of birds. Feel the adrenaline of a gravity fed trail zipping down a mountain.

No Clock Means Flow-State

Even if you insist you’re not thinking about the clock, it’s lurking in the recesses of your mind. There’s pressure to pick up the pace and push harder. Yet, when you rid of the overhanging clock and comparisons, the ride becomes the joy. You can concentrate on perfecting each pedal stroke, smoothly navigating through obstacles to minimize exertion. Ultimately, you’ll find yourself in a more relaxed fluid state.

mountain biking enjoy outdoors no stravaSometimes Productive is Counter-Productive

It’s human nature to compare. Yet, it can quickly escalate to obsession, constantly checking our KOM rankings and trophy count. Initially it may serve as motivation to better yourself. But eventually, it pushes you over the edge, leading to increasingly risky behavior. Instead of aiding us all to improve, it drains our love of the sport and robs us of the joy of the ride.

Turn It To Private

If the idea of shutting off Strava is too much to do cold turkey, then set it to private. You can then focus on just your PRs. It still is an overhanging clock but at least it’s just you riding against you.

It comes down to the simple question – why are you mountain biking? If it’s for the fun, shut off Strava and re-engage yourself to your sport. You’ll be glad you did.