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What Do You LOVE About Mountain Biking?

Is it the sweet dirt you ride on and the the outlet it provides? We all need an outlet. Something to go to when we have pent up energy, stress or the need for fun. Or is it the adrenaline? The need for speed and intense experiences. The mental and physical challenge? Riding over a rock garden after the rain and feeling every muscle of your body after an epic ride. Is it the techy part of it all-the components? Or is it the escape? Getting out in nature away from the the bustle and becoming part of the terrain.

The Fusion Of Body & Mind

For me it is all of it. The fusion of body and mind coming together on the bike, riding as we are one. Up,over, and thru terrain that is often too technical to walk on. To me this is what it is about.



You can start a ride in one head space and finish it with a very different. Riding has the ability to clear ones mind. It acts as a re-set button that can bring clarity and perspective.


Other simple things to LOVE about mountain biking.

•Explore new territory and trails

•Away from civilization/cars


•Social connections

• And  more…

Short and sweet mountain biking is a continual learning process. Even the masters are still learning and refining how they ride. We don’t just reach the end. It is a sport we evolve with and explore deeper aspects of.

Whatever your reason may be to get on your bike, we all can agree there is a lot to LOVE about it.  It brings the kind of smile that should be plastered on our face more often then not. Get out there, share the sport with a friend or someone you love. Spread that smile. Yes it will make the world a better place.