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The first thing that comes to our minds when you utter the words “Wild West” is freedom. Not just plain ole freedom. As the 1st word “Wild” so eloquently puts it, it means letting loose. To go hog wild. Get after it in the wilderness! With that being said, there’s no better place for two-wheeled wild-ness than Downieville mountain biking. So, with lots of planning, due diligence, and popular demand, we’re hosting another Downieville weekend clinic of epic shuttle riding AND hanging out in front of a bonfire on July 16th-17th, 2022.

A Place Built For Mountain Biking… Before It Existed

Photo by: Patrick Cavender, @pjcavender

For those unaware, Downieville was the beating heart of California Gold Rush towns. After gold deposits were discovered in 1848, the town boomed to over 5,000 inhabitants by 1851. Why is this important from a mountain biking perspective? Well, many of the Downieville mountain biking trails that are ridden today are the same ones built to get miners into the gold fields surrounding the peaks back then.

Shuttle Service Pedals Interest To Downieville

Although mountain biking originators like Gary Fischer, owner of Fischer Bikes, have been riding the area since the 70’s, when the Coyote Adventure Company, now known as Yuba Expeditions, began offering shuttle service in ‘91, that helped put this place on the radar. And it was merely the first stepping-stone.

The Downieville Classic Revolutionizes Mountain Biking

The big leap, not just in Downieville but the entire mountain biking industry, was when Greg Williams combined the two-day separate races into one event. The first one being cross country and second exclusively downhill. He mandated that you needed to ride BOTH events with the same mountain bike. A novel concept at the time. An all-mountain bike that you could ride uphill AND downhill. That could survive the severe beating Downieville puts on your equipment. And Voila… an all mountain bike event that put Downieville on the map!

Note: The 2022 Downieville Classic is postponed but this is your chance to hone in on the skills you need to get ready for the 2023 race!

What To Expect During The Downieville Mountain Biking Skills Clinic

Wheelie on a downieville trail

Photo by: Patrick Cavender, @pjcavender

Now that we’ve got you excited about coming to Downieville, here’s what to expect. On Saturday morning, we start off with a skills session beginning with a skill assessment and drills, covering the solid fundamental skills and how they apply to the technical terrain and the gambit of Downieville mountain biking trails. From there, you’ll hop on a shuttle to the top of the trailhead & apply those skills on its challenging terrain. And to close out the day, it’s all about a bonfire hangout at LURE resort. For Sunday, we’ll gather in the morning for a technical terrain recap with bonus progression skills and drills and then you choose how you want to ride Downieville the rest of the day.

For more about the skills clinic and lodging opportunities, check out our page here.

Who Is This Clinic Perfect For

Downieville mountain biking is no joke. This skills clinic will be geared towards intermediate and advanced riders. To make sure everyone in the clinic enjoys the event, your average ride should be at least 10-12 miles long to be ready for what Downieville dishes you. It’s the perfect clinic to get your technique dialed and skills honed so that you’re ready for a summer of technical riding and the varied terrain Downieville trails offer.

Luxury In The Mountains

LURE mountain cabin in Downieville

Image Appears Courtesy: LURE Resort

With two days of skill work and heavy riding in the saddle, you need a place to unwind, relax, and of course get a good night’s sleep. That’s why we’ve partnered with LURE resort. Situated right on the banks of the North Yuba River, you’ll have the soothing sounds of the water flowing by, removing all the daily stresses. The cabins provide the most modern accommodations in Downieville and will be our basecamp for the weekend and AM sessions. If you do wish to stay here, LURE is holding cabins for the clinic until May 1st. Be sure to let them know you’re taking an ASM clinic.