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The snow is melting and the trails are tacky. Spring Mountain Biking Fever has arrived. Your bike is probably in need of a good tune up and time to order those new tires. Not to mention the World Cup is happening full throttle. And Sea Otter has inspired, motivated, and lured old-time riders and newbies to get out and peddle. Every possible angle of mountain bike riding motivation is in front of you. Take it on. Load the bike on your rack before or after you go to work and enjoy the solitude of the trail.


The bright greens of springtime

Welcome Back Trails!

For those of you that live in the mountains where the last 7 months have been wet, cold, and white, just having the sun peak out with its warmth, green grass, flowers and springtime dirt may be enough motivation to get you on your bike. Thus is Spring Mountain Biking Fever at its finest – the restlessness for the arrival of the season. The welcoming of tacky riding and mud on your face.

Just Do It

But for others, the change may also bring on some adjustment and hesitation to getting back in the groove of riding. Maybe you feel a little rusty. Or your riding buddies have moved, your bike is in disrepair, or you’re recovering from a winter injury. So, how do you get inspired, amped, re-motivated, and pulled back in the saddle? As Nike states so eloquently “Just do it”. It’s in fact that easy.

spring mountain biking clinic

Sharpen your skills in a spring mtb clinic. Photo: Abner Kingman

Book A Class

Another option for those that need a bit more coaxing is to consider booking one of our classes. If you’ve taken a course with us before, it’ll help refresh you on the fundamentals and get you jazzed. Can’t find one that fits your schedule? Consider booking a private with Dylan. It’ll REALLY up your game. Or keep checking our calendar and find a future clinic that works. Having a class coming up will make you want to get out there and knock the rust off.

Lower Expectations & More Fun

With damp spring conditions, there are obstacles to overcome that may not be there in the summer and fall. Snow is still on some trails and there are days that cold chills the air. Best bet is to head out in the beginning of the season with lower expectations. Focus on just having fun. After a few sessions out on the trail, you’ll be back in your ripping mindset, eager to sharpen your skills, and even amped to sign up for an upcoming race. So rather then talk yourself out of a ride due to a negative or unprepared mindset, just do it and absorb the experience for whatever it is. Have fun and take on the Spring Mountain Biking Fever that is in the air and just ride.