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Getting ready for a #fatbike ride, laying rubber to the snow. ❄️ Who's making #snowtracks this winter?
What do you want to #LevelUp on in 2022? Rocks? Jumps? Cornering? Technical Terrain? It's the perfect time to make a plan & put it in motion.
Blue skies. Mild winter temps. And a bunch of #fatbikes. A perfect day to play in the snow. #makethemostofit #makeeverydaygreat
Raise your hand πŸ™Œ  if you're a #fatbike fan! If you've never ridden your #mtb in the snow, it's a fun one to consider to change things up a bit. It could be just what you're looking for so you don't have to put your #bike away every winter when the snow starts flying. #yearroundfun #makeeverydaycount
Everyone's winter riding season looks different. Regardless if your trails are snow covered or the perfect tacky dirt, try to get out there and enjoy your bike year-round. Every season is an opportunity to work on different skills and enjoy new landscapes and challenges.
Jump. Jump. Jump. #Hooray! Jump clinics are always a fun way to hone in on your park-riding skills and help get you over trail obstacles that may have given you problems in the past. A little focused #mtb skill work will take your riding a long way forward.
We're ready for another year of awesome #mtbclinics! What are your #mtb #2022Goals?
When the New Year gives you snow... you take it on with those new #fattires you got for Christmas. #NewYear2022 #Newyear2022Gift
While snow covers many parts of California, there's plenty more trails that are snow-free, cool temps, and tacky dirt to set the winter riding season in motion. Where do you venture out to in the winter?
Happiness is an empty trail, tacky dirt, and the sun shining on a perfect ride. This is a day that never gets old. The perfect groundhog day if you ask us. #makeeverydaycount
It'll be awhile till we see these #granite rocks again. For now it's all snow covered and hibernating till next Spring. No worries though. There's so much to ride around California in the winter so we'll just head a bit south for warmer weather and snow-free trails.
Happy Holidays from A Singletrack Mind!
πŸŽ„ Christmas is in the air... and on the #mtbtrails. Winter has shown up in our backyard so it's time to break out the #fattires and rip through some snow.
The trees 🌳  definitely add some spice to the #mtbtrails. πŸ™Œ  Raise your hand if you like to ride roots? What about going uphill & roots? πŸ™ƒ
#Napa isn't only good for wine πŸ‡ ... it's great for #mtbtrails too! And if you're a fan of tacky dirt and luscious green grass, it might just be the place for you.
Enjoy a little holiday time with your friends, family, and your bike. Get outside and clear your mind as a new year is about to usher in. Even if there's ❄️ snow where you are, there's always a sunny spot 😎  to ride somewhere in California.

πŸ“Έ @abnerkingman
Great #mtbclinic in #Napa. The skies may have been a bit overcast, but the grass was electric and the temperatures nice and cool. Grey skies never bring us down. We can just ride harder and don't need our sunglasses. 😎
Nothing like a #bikeride to cure those holiday time stresses. A little fresh air & tacky dirt can do a lot for the mind. 🀯  Take a break & be kind to yourself.
It is us or does Stafford Lake Bike Park always look extra green and over the top blue? Wouldn't this be a great backyard to play in? You'd have to have the same hills and old gnarly trees or the ambiance just wouldn't be right.
From the looks of that shadow, he might need a bigger bike. 😜  Oh wait... that's just the sun playing tricks on us. San Diego weather does make for some perfect pedal time.

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