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One part cross-country pedaling. One part adrenaline pumping downhill. Mix it all together and you got yourself the ultimate test in mountain biking – Enduro! Despite the motorized version being around since 1913, the mountain biking version as we know today started just in 2003 in the Alps of France. For those that want to get into it or just step up their game, we offer private clinics specifically geared towards Enduro MTB training. They’ve become so popular we’re even offering an Enduro specific class in Mammoth this summer (hurry because spots are filling up fast)!

Why You Need Different Training

Freeride competitions are focused on style. Downhill is all about getting down the fastest. Cross-country is like an off-road version of the Tour De France. But Enduro is a whole different animal. It isn’t just one uphill climb and a downhill section but a mix. Each of the downhill portions are timed while the uphill segments are not… BUT you have a time limit. A true test of endurance, fearlessness, AND an element of strategy unlike any other discipline.

Get The Skillz To Pay The Billz

You’ve got an awesome strength training program. Worked on your overall fitness and have an O2 max that’s the best it’s ever been. And yet, within the Enduro MTB training program, one of the biggest and most glaring things you’ve missed – skills. For some reason this becomes an afterthought. This will give you a leg up on the competition and add confidence once you start the enduro racing season.

Dylan – The Man With The Plan

Things to look for in a mountain bike coach

Dylan at an Enduro race at Mammoth Lakes California

They say those that can’t do – coach. That’s not the case with Dylan. He has more than two decades at both the expert and professional level of mountain bike racing experience. He was a pioneer of MTB skill coaching and one of only a dozen with the highest levels of certifications through BICP 1,2,3, USA Cycling, and NICA. Even if you don’t have an enduro MTB training program or are already on the fast track to competition, Dylan will make sure you’ve got the tools and training to be the best you can be.

So Popular We’re Offering A Class This Summer

In addition to private coaching we heard you’re requests and offering an Enduro specific class this summer at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park. This 2 day clinic in August is focused on the skills needed for the downhill portion of Enduro.

Above your pay grade or just starting out? No problem, we offer a variety of clinics for first-timers to grizzled veterans.