Explore Redding Mountain Biking & Learn To Ride Better All In One Trip

Feb 17, 2020

There’s something to be said about seeking the road less traveled… or rather singletrack less ridden. While the larger biking meccas should be on your bucket list, there’s something to be said about visiting the up-and-coming mountain biking hotspots before they become famous. One of these rising stars in the hidden gem category is the […]

Top 6 Things You DON’T Want To Do When Mountain Biking

Feb 03, 2020

It’s your time, your designated time to get out and go for a ride. All you want to do is get on your bike, have fun, burn off the days tension and have time to yourself. But are you prepared both mentally, physically and logistically? What NOT To Do When On A Ride We often […]

Weeeee….Pop A Wheelie

Jan 27, 2020

Wheelies or just peddling your favorite singletrack can quench the thirst of an intrigued mountain biker. But there’s so much more beyond the smile that is valuable to peddling. For youth riding their bike establishes a solid foundation for increased confidence and self esteem, strength, solid skill building on the bike and overall fun and […]

Best Bay Area Mountain Biking Trails In The Winter

Jan 20, 2020

The peaks of the Sierra Nevada have closed up shop. Bright white snow blankets the sunny hillsides in and around Lake Tahoe. So, if you live in the Bay Area, where should you mountain bike? Here’s what we think are the best Bay Area Mountain Biking Trails in the winter to put rubber to dirt. […]

Finding Your Flow

Jan 07, 2020

Riding your bike at your optimal level is much more than just technique, it’s the state of mind when your mountain bike and mind sync and flow together as one. The flow state is a term many have heard or even used but what does that really mean when applied to the bike and ones […]