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Have you ever been on a flight across the country and looked out your window and wondered, “hmmm, is there a singletrack way way down there that is ripping?” I feel incredibly fortunate to have spent 10 plus years coaching in these random towns we may just get a peak from a window seat. Some quirky, some hip, funky and fun, but all great riding. This experience has allowed me travel around, across, in and out of our country.

Each location, each trail significantly different then the other. Nothing is more fun and rewarding from a mountain biking perspective then to ride and explore totally new terrain. If you ride the same location or trails all the time, your skill set doesn’t get challenged by different features and obstacles.Think of it like a library. How much information do you have in your catalog? The more info you have in your database, and the more experiences you get in varied terrain, the better you will be able to process different riding situations on the trail.  So explore, expand, learn more from the diverse singletrack our country has to offer.IMG_2273

Singletrack Towns Are Everywhere

Those random towns you wouldn’t consider mountain bike savvy are in fact pretty worthy of riding. You may already be familiar with the epic riding in Fruita CO, and Moab UT and the North shore of British Colombia with their wooden bridges.  Here are a few more somewhat random locations and some of my favorites. Without giving away too many secrets.

Austin TX

The food trucks, music and oh yes it had an amazing mix and diverse trail set. From flowy trails to steep technical descents all in one shorter riding experience.

Hood River OR

Great Dirt! Super flowy with the ability to go on really long rides.

jeff riding SC jpegPitsburg PN

The riding was in random fun trails through the woods right smack in the middle of the city. Mix terrain, variable, steep side hilly, super lush. Short descents

Richmond Virginia

County park that attached to a network of great riding trails. You ride right onto Bell Island (cival war prison). There you will find a killer skills park and pumptrack and you cross by numerous historical landmarks. Trails are fun roller coaster like along the James river. Fun memorable experience for sure.

Maui Makawao Forest

If the rare chance you happen to choose the bike box over the surfboard bag on your flight to Maui the trails are fun. It is in the jungle for one. The dirt was awesome. Very cool varied forest. Eucalyptus, Norfolk Pine to the natural jungle. Rooty. stockvault-path-in-nature124348

Get Exploring

Well here we are living in a vast country of great diversity. Yes both cultural and diverse in the varied terrain. Get out there, broaden your riding experience, step off that plane, finish your meeting and rent a bike if you didn’t happen to pack it on the plane already. And explore. Plan a trip where you might not consider going. Explore the trails that the funky, cool or hip town has to offer. Spread your love of mountain biking wherever you go!