20-minute At Home HIIT Workout To Build Strength And Endurance on the Bike

For those that are feeling antsy with their gym being closed, take your training outside or in the comfort of your living room.

Fresh air and natural features make for an ideal workout setting, especially with what we have going on today. Here is a mini off-the-bike HIIT for cyclists workout to help build strength and increase endurance.

3-5 minute warm-up:

Warming up is very important to increase blood flow to your muscles and to reduce tension on joints and tendons.

-Range of motion movements per joint
-Followed by run in place, light jog or spin around the block to get the blood flowing

HIIT for cyclists workout at home

Workout: 20 sec on with 10 sec rest x 2

– Toe touch to squat jump
– Downward dog-to plank with floating knee (alternate sides)
– Rock or curb toe kicks
– Plank with alternate arm and leg balance/raise
– Alternate lunges (pick up intensity by adding a jump)
– Spider Pushups
– Mountain Climbers
Push up to Side Plank, alternate sides
HIIT for cyclists

5 min Cool-down

Slow spin or light jog around the block followed by stretching each body part. Cool down is crucial to bring your heart rate back to resting and to return the muscles back to optimal length tension. Great job on your mini HIIT for cyclistsย workout.
Remember at this time alleviating stress is the goal while maintaining physical and mental well being. Make sure your exercise routine is fun. ~ Amy Renn, MS Kinesiology, sports performance and conditioning specialist, Certified Yogaย  Instructor

For more ideas on how to stay fit check out the article Mountain Bike Training Program: 1 Leg = Ride Faster On 2 Wheels – by our good friend Al Painter who is a Stick Mobility Coach and AFPA Triathlete Injury Prevention Specialist.