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Holiday Gear Guide What you need, what you want and where to get it!

At the end of Fall and right before Winter officially hits, there are typically some really hot deals to be had. And not only that, it’s the perfect excuse to buy them for yourself or as gifts for the holidays. Whether you’re looking for some new things in preparation for next year, or just looking to step-up your bike game in general, we’ve got you covered.


Tools & Accessories

OneUp Components, EDC Pump:

Getting a flat is a huge bummer and can turn into a huge waste of time, this is the fastest pump I’ve ever used to get you back on your bike pronto. It’s been thrown around, dropped, kicked and wrestled by the dog and still looks brand new. Carry your pump tool and a co2 all in one space for only on $60.

OneUp Components, EDC Multitool:

Yep, you probably have a multi-tool already and don’t think you need a new one. But once you get a hold of this guy, you’ll re-think everything. OneUpComponents created this incredibly small and easy to travel with tool, making it a must-have for each one of my rides. Take a look at the videos they’ve made as well to see just how much of a necessity this really is.

The Gravity Cartel’s, Spank Oozy LTD Vibrocore Bar:

Smooth out your ride without using carbon. The patented Vibrocore™ anti vibration technology is the magic behind this lightweight and comfortable handlebar. If you are the type that will probably end up testing a dozen more expensive handlebars, my advice is to just go with this one right off the bat, you won’t regret it.






The Gravity Cartel’s Spank Oozy Trail 345 Wheelset:

This is a solid wheel set at a great price for any rider.








Wilderness Trail Bikes, Riddler Tire:

For enduro riders, this is the only tire I’ve ever suggested be use as a rear tire for low rolling resistance and great cornering. I’ve yet found another rear tire that comes close to this one when hoping to be the fastest and smoothest rider on the trail.

Wilderness Trail Bikes, Vigilante Tire:

Great front tire for enduro or a full set for all around shredding. From wet to dry, to bumpy to smooth trails, this tire has consistent solid grip and is insanely durable.


*Please note a portion of all Wilderness Trail Bike sales will be donated to the American Red Cross to help NorCal fire victims.




Guerilla Gravity’s Build-A-Bike
If you’re looking for a whole new set-up, I can’t recommend Guerrilla Gravity enough. I’ve tried every bike out there and will continue to rep GG. Made in the good ol’ USA (Denver, CO) and co-founded by a guy who used to design racecars and airplanes, these bikes are made to take a beating, last a lifetime and most importantly are relatively easy to work on. There will not a bike straight off the rack that will ever fit you or your riding style perfectly, so I suggest “Build-A-Bike” with these guys and am also available for any questions or private clinics centered around education for your next bike purchase.



Clothes & Gear

The clothes you wear riding can be almost as important as the technique you use. These long shorts great for riding in pads and will last forever.



Men’s – Ether SL Shorts -ZOIC

Women’s -Navaeh Shorts + Liner- Flattering femme favorite


These shirts are good for any type of weather, keep you dry all day long.

Men’s -Stripe Jersey, tagless makes for extra comfort for riding

Women’s- Jerra Jersey 3/4 sleeve for extra coverage and style

Breathable but grippy gloves are necessary in this sport.

Men’s – Ether Glove

Women’s – Divine Glove


Wool, nylon and spandex blend is the key.

Men’s – Stripes Socks ZOIC

Women’s – Cycle Socks


Knee Guards

These pedal really well even though they are hard shell.

The Gravity Cartel -iXS Dagger Knee Pads








Fuel & Repair

When students ask me how they should prepare prior to a clinic, I tell them the same thing every time: eat a good meal and pack healthy snacks and water.


Kate’s Real Food: Tram Bar-The best bar I have found, always have one in my pack to refuel. Tasty and packed with wholesome ingredients.

There is a reason they call this a “pocket meal”. Grab one of these before heading out on the trails and focus solely on riding the rest of the day.


And after a long ride, don’t forget to repair and rejuvenate:

All Good Brand, Good Goop: the best salve around for everything and anything!