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Riding fast is a skill that can be accomplished by many cyclists, but riding fast without failure on technical terrain is something that happens with refined skills and progressive training. Establishing the essential building blocks of mountain biking is the solution to riding with greater efficiency, power, and success. Sure you want to clear that gap jump on your favorite trail, but progressing into it is going to allow you to clear it and clear it reliably and safely. The last thing you want to do is try and fail, leaving you injured and unable to finish the ride. Instead, do it and have the appropriate skills to succeed. This happens with progression.

Establishing Progression

Bike parks are great practice spots

Small bunny hops, smaller rock jumps, incremental steps to advancing to the larger gap jump will lead you to a solid skilled landing. Using training areas within bike parks, pump tracks, skills areas, or even practicing your riding on the street is all very worthwhile. Learning and practicing riding skills will help you to develop the muscle memory to ride how you want. When on the bike and in the rhythm and zone of riding, having this trained muscle memory will be of utmost importance when don’t have the time to think about technique.


A SingleTrack Mind Log Rider

The S.A.I.D. principle hard at work…

When you want to improve, and let’s be honest don’t most of us all want to ride at our peak ability? Well for those that do, practice is essential. Every skill you can think of, cooking, writing, skiing, surfing, building, typing, biking etc…all improve with practice. The more you do it, the more you refine the skills you have and implement new advanced skills the better prepared you will be. This is true for so many aspects in life. Practice is ongoing, you don’t just stop learning.

Progressive Training & Practice, Practice Practice…

skills to pay the bills progressive training

Practice, Practice, Practice

Even the best in the world, top Olympians, professionals in their field practice, practice, practice. And they practice with progression. It is that progressive practice that leads to success. Luck: As my father told me time and time again happens when opportunity meets preparation. The more prepared you are to clear that huge gap jump and the opportunity arises, luck will be on your side!