Top 6 Things You DON’T Want To Do When Mountain Biking

It’s your time, your designated time to get out and go for a ride. All you want to do is get on your bike, have fun, burn off the days tension and have time to yourself. But are you prepared both mentally, physically and logistically?

What NOT To Do When On A Ride

We often don’t go through our check list very thoroughly before heading for the trail. We take the necessities that are fresh on our mind.  And even when on the trail our focus may be out of whack. Often we are reminded of the things to do when on a ride, but here we have selected our top 6 things you DON’T want to do when mountain biking.

#1 Focusing at what you don’t want to hit.

know the line

Rather focus on the line you want to take. Don’t focus your attention on the gnarly rock ahead, DON’T look where you DON’T WANT to go. Keep your eye on the prize.

#2 You neglect to check the air pressure.

mountian bike tire pressure bike pump

Check your air pressure before you go. This is important, and often missed before jumping on our 2-wheeled companion. Low pressure makes for a squirly out of control ride.

#3 Have a bad attitude.

First and foremost you want to start the ride in a good head space. In any situation it is ideal to focus on the positive outcome but from time to time your mind starts to go down the grumpy dark road of a bad day. Reset. Before your ride, think of something positive, good, uplifting. Listen to your favorite music, whatever you can do to switch your mind from negative to positive.  Why? Because if your mind is distracted by dreary then your ride will follow the same path…dreary. If your head is in stoke mode or at least neutral you will have a more positive experience on the bike. Guaranteed.

#4 You did not bring an extra tube.

Preparation is everything. Getting a flat out in the middle of nowhere, miles from your vehicle is less than ideal.  Short and simple here, Be prepared and bring an extra tube.

#5 You bring limited fuel and hydration.

fuel and hydration for mountain biking

Again as mentioned above-be prepared, extra prepared. Bring energy snacks and extra energy snacks and for sure bring enough water for a potentially  longer ride. We have all been out on the trail and decided to extend the ride because you are  feeling good and having fun. But….you ran out of water and are about to bonk. Easy solution, have an extra bottle and extra  energy fuel of choice. Of course our favorite is Kates Real Food Bars!

#6 You Don’t bring tools.

Mechanical’s happen out on the trail all the time. Carry a simple multi tool to help you get your bike up and running.

The simple recipe for a stellar ride is to be prepared. Be prepared by having the stoke and positive attitude, a working bike, equipment, hydration, fuel, and focus. It is direct and easier than one might think to turn a potential disaster on the trail and bike to a sweet session out.