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Over the last few years, there’s been a question that comes up over and over – should I buy a new bike or upgrade it? During and just after the pandemic, mountain bike prices were sky high. It seemed like EVERYONE had decided to pick up the sport, and it showed in the industry. Regardless if you wanted a new one or even a used one – good luck! Pretty much any fall season is the best to buy mountain bike. But we’re telling you now, if you’ve been on the sideline waiting for a good price, THIS is the time to pick one up. The best time to buy mountain bike is NOW!

best time to buy mountain bike is now

Get to your local shop & let them help you decide. Photo by Local Freshies®

Why Is It A Good Time To Get One

Many of the mountain biking companies boosted their production, anticipating a cycling “Gold Rush.” Friends in the industry have revealed that warehouses are currently bursting with bikes. Even if they’re initially reluctant to offer discounts, the sheer volume they need to move will ensure that some great deals are coming up this fall.

New Designs Are Eons Better Than Just A Few Years Ago

Technology in the mountain biking world continues to move at a rapid pace. Bikes that reigned as the best just 2-3 years ago are now considered obsolete. For example, a recent trend involves eliminating the front derailleur, which, in turn, enabled companies to enhance the entire bike’s geometry for the better.

best time to buy a mountain bike is this season

Bike inventories are ready for you to find your new set of wheels. Photo by Local Freshies®

You Can Have Your Downhill Cake And Eat It Too

It used to be that if you did a ton of climbing, you needed an XC (Cross-Country) bike to make the ascent faster and easier. However, times have changed. Efficient-pedaling suspension, lightweight rims, and tires now offer improved climbing convenience. Simultaneously, longer-travel forks, internal dropper posts, extended front-centers combined with short stems and wide handlebars have made descending that much more fun.

In summary, if you’ve been thinking about buying a new mountain bike… do it! There will be great bargains to be had, and you’ll be happy that you did.