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Over the past few weeks, we keep hearing people ask a specific question: “How is a class suited for all abilities?” On the surface, you’d think that a person that’s been riding for a decade versus someone that’s only been doing it for a month couldn’t possibility be in the same class. Well, the reality is even experienced riders can reap the rewards by taking a class suited for all abilities. And here’s why…

All Abilities Provide A Unique Perspective

Santa Cruz mountain bike coaching clinicFrom novice shredders to hard-charging beasts, the odds are there’s going to be someone better than you in the class. You’ll then be given the opportunity to visually see how to execute skills properly. And for the experts, seeing newbies attempting things will remind you of the details you may have forgotten or not thought about in a while.

Building Blocks Are Key For All

colorful building blocks

Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

The core fundamentals are essential for all level of riders to set the foundation for optimal performance on the bike. Those that have been riding for years and consider themselves advanced still need those essential core skills to progress. It’s incredibly valuable to have the core fundamental knowledge and trail application under your belt before you take a skill specific or technical clinic. The progressions taught in the advanced sessions really are a step from those critical building blocks you learn from the core fundamentals.

Mechanics, Mechanics, Mechanics

Mountain Biking Clinic in San Francisco working on technique

2019 Clinic showing that mechanics are key to up your game

Even if you ride all your terrain without the basic fundamentals mastered and understood, you’ll take longer to become better. Or worse yet, you’ll plateau. To break through this wall, you need great coaching to really deep dive into things like body placement, bike angle, and even cornering. This is done by incorporating the use of video and other performance analysis technologies – including the best one of all…the coach’s eye!

Same Exercises But Different Goals Based On Skill Set

Some riders will start at a higher level than the rest of the class. That’s not uncommon. In every clinic, Dylan will personalize your goals to fit your skill set. For example, you might be the king of wheel lifts. Instead of just honing the wheel lift, he may want you to shoot for doing a wheelie. Everyone will aim for progression, regardless of where you start.

The Fundamentals Are Key For Long-Term Success

As you can see, from beginners to veterans, we guarantee that if you take our Core Fundamentals clinics, you’ll finish the day feeling more confident and ready to take on new obstacles that you may never had considered possible. Heck, some of our loyal riders continue to take sessions so that they can focus on new skills they hadn’t thought of or weren’t ready for yet.