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If you had to sit down like a homework assignment and write out a new year resolution essay, make it all out mountain biking! Most people would focus on getting in better shape or eating healthy, and while those are great goals, we say put it all into your mountain biking and go for the best riding year ever.

If you aren’t so sure… here are 5 top suggestions to better your mountain bike experience!

Mountain Bike Goals

1) Improve BALANCE

The more balance you have on and off the bike, the more in control you will be when on the trail. Balance in general improves your coordination and experience in all activities. You can never have too much balance.

Things to look for in a mountain bike coach new year resolution essay

2) Refine the WHEEL LIFT

One of the top skills our riders are eager to improve is the wheel lift. Mastering this riding skill will help you maneuver up and over technical terrain. Make this year THE year you tackle that trail obstacle you’ve avoided season after season.

Fairfax California Marin County Warm Up Before Mountain Biking


More time on the bike = improved strength, improved confidence, and increased enjoyment in the sport. Plus, time outside with fresh air and work stress left in the office does wonders for your mind and focus.

a singletrack mind mountain bike coaching skills clinic new year resolution essay


Explore different trails and terrain. Venture out beyond the trails you know to somewhere new, whether it be close to home or on a mountain biking road trip.

a singletrack mind mountain bike coaching skills clinic


No doubt mastering the skills for any sport will enhance and improve your over all experience. With mountain biking, to just rely on the basic habits you have acquired over time will not be enough to truly improve your riding. In fact they could be hindering your riding experience. Sign up for a MTB clinic in 2022 and watch your progressions really take off.

a singletrack mind mountain biking mountain bike coach skills clinic

Make your New Year Resolution Essay fun. Get your mind focused on your 2022 Mountain Biking season by learning new skills and then PRACTICE WHAT YOU LEARN! And of course, never forget Rule #1… #rule1havefun