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Is your bike ready for winter?

Have you considered how your bike could perform better with the appropriate accessories?

winter mountain biking a singletrack mind mountain bike coach

Here’s A Quick Peak At Some Of Our Favorite Winter Mountain Biking Add-ons.

Winter tires:

WTB Vigilante TCS 2.3in (650b)

The tread pattern is open and clears easily.  This tire is good for the mud. If you are riding in the mud versus the snow the tires will differ. You want a narrower profile tire for the mud so it slips through and hits the soil underneath.  Ideally though you would wait  to get out until the trails have dried out  a bit and they are grippy.



RRP EnduroGuard v4 Mudguard

RRP mudguard mountain biking winter a singletrack mind coaching

Keeps mud from flinging in your eye and getting your car seat dirty after a ride. There are a handful of fenders out there. Perfect for… “those extremely wet rides prolonging the life of your fork seals. The Seal Guard has received multiple acclaims for its essential function and is unique to RRP.”


Bike Light:

Lupine Lighting Systems
With the shorter days it is always good to have a quality light that can get you back to the car once the sun has set.


Your KIT- add-ons


GLOVES – There are a handful of Winter Gloves out there to keep your grip warm and that still breathe. Zoic, Fox, Troy Lee and many more. The way a glove fits can be a personal thing. Try them on. Always, always always wear full finger gloves – winter, spring, summer, or fall. If you fall, no matter what season, you’re going to get hurt if your fingers and palms are exposed.


WINTER RIDING PANTS – Stay warm and comfortable when riding on cooler days. If it’s taking your fat tire out or just riding in the mud or rain it’s a must to have a good pair of riding pants. Check out: Zoic Dryline Freewheel Pants or Patagonia Dirt Roamer Pants

COMPRESSION TIGHTS – It’s cold out and your shorts just won’t cut it.


WOOL SOCKS & CLOTHING – What you wear depends on region. ZOIC and Patagonia make several kinds of wool layers.

winter mountain biking a singletrack mind mountain bike coaching

Expand your normal dirt riding experience and consider heading to the mountains where the trails are white and taking out a fat tire bike on the snowy trails.

Or if you want to stick to dirt, our advice… go to a warmer climates & take a trip to get out of the cold. In San Diego, you never need to change anything. It’s always 70 degrees! In Tahoe, it’s a different story – time rather to wax those ski’s!

winter mountain biking a singletrack min mountain bike coaching

Let us know what your favorite winter mountain biking add-ons are for cold weather riding! This is just a few add on winter accessories we like. Now it’s time to take them out for a test ride!