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“ It’s not about being the best, it’s about being better than you were yesterday”

Who doesn’t want a good deal, a special rate, something free? As we consider hiring a coach we undeniably consider the cost, the value and the importance. If we feel it is too expensive do we consider the cost in relation to other coaching out there or the quality of 2016 01 30 asm (15) - Copycoaching? Or do we just assume this particular coach is overpriced?  Well, as any well informed individual would do, they would spend a little time researching before going out and hiring any coach. Looking at both cost comparison and qualifications.

Research will show that professional coaching across the board ranges from approx $75-125hr.  To be more cost effective taking a group clinic or camp is a good option. Purchasing a bundle up front may also be more economical.

Here is a typical rate range in the US for coaches.

-By The Session (e.g., $125/1 hr session)

– By The Month (e.g.,  -$500/ 4-5 sessions month)

– By The Package (e.g., 6 month package for $3,000)

– By the group/Camp/Clinic -( e.g., $450-700 -2 day camp)

Think about it, golfers hire coaches and pay a significant amount. Fitness enthusiasts hire personal trainers and also often pay a high price. Those in need of personal fulfillment may hire a life coach and also pay worthy rates and yes mountain bike enthusiasts eager to ride better hire coaches. All of these professional coaches rates are comparable: Soccer coach, Professional business coaches, Golf coach, Personal Trainers, Surf coach, Life coach, Mountain Bike coach and more. To get the most bang for their buck, the investor should consider the quality of coachingSend it

People invest a lot of money in their bikes thinking the bike itself will transform their riding alone. The thought a “better bike” creates a” better rider”  has some misconceptions. It takes a  professional and skilled coach that has a solid understanding of what they are teaching and therefore can convey that, so the rider absorbs the information effectively. Not just an improvement of equipment. There are many basic coaches out there that have limited experience, knowledge and certification that are eager to teach you. Although they can only take you to a very limited level, and perhaps in the wrong direction of progression.

Again, not all coaches are the same. There are very few regulations out there to control if coaches are certified, licensed and insured. There are associations that try to regulate the quality of their sport coaches, AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) , IMBA(International Mountain Bike Association) , USGA(US Golf association), ISASURF, (International Surfing association) , World Surf League,  NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America)  IDEA Health and Fitness association, PMBI (professional mountain bike instructor) USA cycling to name a few. Coaches can call themselves coaches and not be nearly as qualified as another.  In the mountain bike industry IMBA, USA cycling, and  PMBI do offer memberships, conferences, certifications and more to keep professionals professional.  When and before you hire a coach look at their qualifications and affiliations. Just because they consider themselves a professional doesn’t mean they actually are.  An amateur can place ‘professional’ on their title to attract more clients. Remember a good coach can transform your understanding and enhance your skill level and performance dramatically and lower your risk of injury. An unqualified coach can just cost you a lot of money and lead your skill level in the wrong direction with an increase in potential injury along the way.  Do your research and hire quality for the optimal experience and outcome!

Join us for one of our Mountain Bike Skills Clinics!

Join us for one of our Mountain Bike Skills Clinics!

Here is a worthy NY Times article to read showing the value of hiring a coach.