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“ In every sport a professional has a coach. If you want to get better get a coach. If you think you are the best, there is ALWAYS room to learn more”

Eyes on the prize

-Increased confidence on the bike

-increased ability to ride challenging terrain

-increase in social connections. Opens up the opportunity to ride with advanced fellow riders

-increased efficiency on the bike and trail

-Increase in speed on the bike

-Increase skill in slow speed control

-Increased control of the bike and on the bike

-Increase in skill set with the *CORE FUNDAMENTAL skills to charge down any trail in any condition with focus, confidence and efficiency

-Because the coach is skilled, qualified and knows what he is talking about. He is eager to share his knowledge and passion.

-Not to forget the increase in fun factor

-Again, and again and again remember there is ALWAYS more to learn no matter what skill set you may already have

*CORE FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS: cornering, braking, slow speed, balance, body position, wheel lifts, variance of the skills, switch backs, basic drops, vision, and more.