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We design our MTB clinics as a safe environment to learn new things and progress faster. The objective is to build a foundation of skills that you can then apply on your singletrack and technical trails. We think of our clinics as a lab for our students. A static baseline where can you test and apply skills to gain confidence quickly. We really enjoy what we’re using for our core fundamentals classes, but we’ve been looking for more tools to incorporate into our mtb jump clinic. And with our newest investment, we’d like to introduce our newest clinic – Ramp Progressions.

a singletrack mind custom ramps jump clinicSender Ramps – Best On The Planet

The issue with mountain bike trails is the terrain and size of jumps or features can’t be easily modified. We’ve always wanted to bring adjustable ramps into our toolkit for a mtb jump clinic but didn’t like most of them on the market… until Sender Ramps. Sender Ramps is the best of all worlds. Easily transportable. Allows Coach Dylan to adjust the size of the ramps quickly. And most of all, they’re sturdy.

sender ramps mountain biking clinicsRamp Progressions – A Good Step After Core Fundamentals

This class was crafted to be taken AFTER our core fundamentals class which are designed for ALL skill levels. We’ve learned over the years regardless of how much experience and time you’ve had on your bike, brushing up on the critical building blocks will ensure you get the most out of our advanced courses, such as this one.

What To Expect

As the name suggests, this class will focus on primarily using ramps. The focal point will be on rolling up onto features and off. How to correctly do drops of varying sizes. And last but not least, the proper technique and skills required to complete jumps.

June 16, 2023: Jump Technique, Ramps, Roll Ups, Roll Downs, Drops – Extended -Marin

July 7, 2023: Ramp Progressions-Jumps, Drops, Roll Downs/Ups Clinic – Truckee

July 14, 2023: Ramp Progressions-Jumps, Drops, Roll Downs/Ups Clinic – Santa Cruz

September 29, 2023: Ramp Progressions-Jumps, Drops, Roll Downs/Ups Clinic – Santa Cruz

If you’re interested in our newest class or any of our other clinics, explore our skill clinics and sign up for our next event.