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We know what you’re thinking. Oaxaca? As in Oaxaca, Mexico? Yup! Why go there when you have places like Moab, Whistler, or even closer to home – Tahoe? The reason is because it isn’t like anything you’ve ridden before. If you do go, you’ll experience Mexico’s culture at its purest and ride the biggest mountain bike trail destination south of the border. You’ll get a chance to learn something new AND the opportunity to one day proudly say “I mountain biked Oaxaca…” simply put, the Oaxaca MTB trip is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities.

A Foodie Paradise

Mezcal in Oaxaca

Image appears courtesy: 2Wheel Epix

First off, if you love Mexican cuisine, Oaxaca City doesn’t just have good food, it’s a hidden Foodie Paradise. The city is up there with places like Tuscany or Bordeaux. For an “el pisto” or after ride drink, unlike most other parts of Mexico where Tequila is king, this region it’s Mezcal. In the same family as Tequila but with a smoky flavor similar to Bourbon.

Joined Up With Locals

Image appears courtesy: 2Wheel Epix

Any time you visit a new biking destination, you need the 4-1-1 on what to ride and where to eat. Add a language barrier and this becomes a tricky obstacle. We’ve teamed up with 2WheelEpix to ensure we ride the best trails in the region and celebrate the best food. They are not your average mountain bike tour operator either. Fueled by their love for adventure and exploration, the journey began for them with a desire to conquer the untrodden paths of the world on our mountain bikes. But it was the cultural exchange and the people they met that truly made their adventures unforgettable and kept drawing them back. The combination of these experiences have created their business model — to create a perfect mountain biking vacation and better the lives of you AND the Oaxacan community.

What To Expect On The Pedals

Image appears courtesy: 2Wheel Epix

When you imagine Mexico, you think of all inclusive beaches, large cities, or a dry landscape similar to West Texas. Oaxaca isn’t like that at all. The city itself sits at 5,000 feet above sea level and many of the trails you’ll be riding top out at 9,000 feet or higher. What you’ll find is something that leans more towards the Pacific Northwest zones meets Jurassic Park. Amazing loam. Luscious green forests filled with mossy-trunked trees. Ferns of every type you can imagine and the largest agave plants you’ve seen. The trails themselves are a mix of old school thousand year old paths and purpose-built new school flow that will leave you wanting more. And throughout the five days, you won’t ride the same trail twice.

Mountain Biking Clinic For Intermediates To Advanced

Similar to our Downieville clinics, this trip is for the serious rider with you averaging more than 7,000 vertical feet of descent / 13 miles per day. As such, this skills clinic will be geared towards intermediate and advanced riders. To make sure everyone in the clinic enjoys the trip, your average ride should be at least 10-12 miles long to get you ready for what Oaxaca dishes you.

To learn more about our upcoming 8 day mountain biking clinic & sign up

If you’re a strong beginner and want to join us on this trip, we recommend you taking a core fundamental class as well as begin training this summer so you have the confidence and endurance for what you’ll be tackling on this trip. For more info on why: How Is A Mountain Bike Coaching Class Suited For All Abilities?