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No matter how you look at it, we’re living in a time unlike any other and sure are missing the camaraderie of mtb clinic season with all of you. The gravity of the situation and the impact it has on the health of our loved ones, businesses around the globe, the education system and so much more is unfathomable. In the long run, we trust there will be positive outcomes from this pandemic. With quality family time, the ability to slow down, and improved effects on our environment, we will all shine in the end.

There’s no denying the amount of strain being put on small businesses and retailers across the nation. We’re sad to hear that on the south shore of Lake Tahoe, the local’s casino Lakeside Inn has been forced to shutter permanently. On a more positive note, a local shop on the west shore in a very dire situation asked for community help and got over $75k in gift cards purchased in just four days!

We’re Not All Equal During This Pandemic

Hearing these stories made us understand that everyone’s situation during this stressful time is different. We’re very fortunate that the ASM team consists of only Dylan and I while other business, like Lakeside Inn & Casino have lots of employees. We’re grateful that our family is safe & healthy as others like medical staff are on the front lines fighting. With that being said, our small business doesn’t have the ability to do what we need to do. And that’s coaching you and putting on mountain bike clinics.

mtb clinic gift certificate discount

With that being said, our small business has also felt the effects of the situation. Right now, our spring clinics would be in full swing. And summer clinics would be filling up. But, with the situation right now, we don’t have the ability to schedule them like normal. Until we know the parks are open and restrictions lifted, we’re on a temporary pause, waiting patiently to resume.

Spark Hope For The Future – Pick Up A Gift Card For 19% Off

mtb clinic gift certificate discount

So, what can we do to raise spirits while we sit and wait patiently? We want to keep the stoke alive and will continue to share engaging material with you all on social media. We also want to reassure everyone that once the shelter in place order is lifted, we will resume our clinics with a variety of sessions safely in regards to social distancing. Also, we want to offer YOU a 19% mtb clinic discount. To symbolize that COVID-19 will NOT bring us down. And to give you a way to support us, lighten the burden of the cost, AND help fulfill your desire to take a skills clinic. We look at it as a win-win-win scenario!

To get this mtb clinic discount, use the promotional code: spring19 and voila! You’ll get 19% off!

Consider Donating The Discount To Your Local Food Pantry

mtb clinic food donation

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

We’re not telling you what to do. But, if you were looking for somewhere to donate that discount & further spread your support, consider a local food bank. Although food donations are a great idea, these non-profit organizations have a network to maximize their purchases. Just $1 donated can provide enough food for up to 4 meals!

As each of us goes through different challenges, we hope this offers a light at the end of the tunnel. And once it’s deemed safe by the health experts, we’ll be the first to welcome you back and join you in all the fun that our mountain bike skills clinics have to offer. Stay Happy. Stay Healthy.

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