Mountain Bike Clinics and Covid-19-Update

COVID-19: we are continuing to update…

ASM family social distancing near home

We hope you and your family are all staying well during this trying time. We are continuing to update this blog post as the COVID-19 crisis is evolving day to day.  Some have asked us if we are still holding our upcoming mountain bike clinics with all that is going on with Covid-19.  So, the answer is it depends on the date and the location of the clinic. We have had to postpone the clinics for the next few weeks but they will get back on the schedule asap once we get through the peak of this crisis. As you all know the situation is very dynamic. We are abiding by the CDC recommendations and government directive for the benefit of all right now.

With the fresh air, small group nature of our outdoor business (spaced out on the trail) we also know the value of getting out on the trail. We encourage you to get out and ride your local trails with respect to social distancing.  And we will be ready to help refine your skills as soon as we can. For the next few weeks we will be on pause.

A Fluid Situation

It is a very fluid situation and each location and dates will be different. If we do have to reschedule a specific location know we will get them back on the calendar asap once things settle. And we will reach out to each of you. We are just as eager to get out on the trail with you all. We are more human though than business. Your well-being is of utmost important to us.

As Changes Happen We’ll Notify You

We’ll notify all registrants of any changes to their session if there is a change. It is a waiting game  at this moment and each day is a new bundle of news. For those cases where we have had to shift we are happy to apply your session to a rescheduled date or any future ASM clinic or refund if need be. We are looking at the calendar closely and will be adding those dates for you to plan accordingly.

For Those Clinics That Are Still “On”

For the clinics that are a go, know that they will be adjusted to respect riders concerns and safety. Our coach, Dylan, will be additionally precautionary when working with the riders. His demonstrations will respect the need for social and recommended spatial distancing to keep all well on and off the trail. The group size will remain small spaced out on the trail. There is great value of the cleansing fresh open air, while having an enjoyable educational experience.  Many are feeling overwhelmed and nervous during this time and we want to continue to be a place of positivity, vitality and health.


Exercising and continuing to spend time outdoors doing something you enjoy right now is very important, both physically and mentally. We are here to be a healthy resource for individuals to have an outdoor outlet and stimulating educational experience during this time. We understand this is a fluid situation and we are following any changes.

Is it safe to exercise outside? Bike, Run, and more…

“Yes—in fact, it’s safer to be outside than inside when it comes to disease transmission. The best plan for running right now is to go out and run solo or with a healthy buddy or small group and enjoy the outdoors.”

David Nieman, Dr.PH, health professor at Appalachian State University and director of the Human Performance Lab at the North Carolina Research Campus, and Brian Labus, Ph.D.,MPH assistant professor in the School of Public Health at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, explain the value of exercising outside in lieu of the Covid-19- in a recent article in Runners World.



~Thank you for your participation and patience. We wish you all health and look forward to getting out on the trail with you all.

Tamarancho Bay Area Mountain Biking Trail System on a sunny day

Photo by: Phil King