See Dylan’s Lake Tahoe Trail Report On Lake Tahoe TV

Last Friday, if your TV or computer was tuned to Lake Tahoe TV and the Today show hosted by Todd Offenbacher, you saw Dylan giving the Lake Tahoe trail report for the North Shore. But in case you missed it, here’s the scoop:

North Shore Trail Update

Truckee mountain bike trails on a summer dayThe riding at lower elevations has been great, such as Sawtooth and the 06 trails. Pretty much anything that’s 6,800’ and south facing is rideable. North facing is still a little sporty.

Is A Mountain Bike Clinic For You?

Another aspect Dylan delved into is, “Who’s typically registering for a mountain bike clinic?” Of course, there’s the rider who is new to the sport and wants to make sure they start with a good foundation. Others have a few years notched under their belt and want to get a better understanding of the mechanics so they can lower the risk and up the fun factor. And last but not least, it’s the experts. These are the ones that want to jump higher, corner better, and manual longer. As you can see, A Singletrack Mind can help ANY skill level have more fun AND ride better.

#1 Tip For Mountain Biking

Don’t take yourself too seriously. The goal when you get outside and on a bike is to have fun. The next tip we all can work from beginners to experts is basic body positioning. Chin up. Eyes up. Here’s a video where Dylan gives you the details:

Video From Tahoe TV

For those that are more visual or just want to see Dylan, here’s the actual interview:

Clinics Right Now

For the latest on group mountain bike clinics, check out our page here: COVID-19 Update. We offer one-on-one private mountain bike coaching clinics that respect the laws and social distancing. We’ve also begun to schedule specific market clinics where we have the go-ahead from the authorities through our new procedures and updated permits! And of course, if you want to support ASM but want to wait a while longer before venturing out, you can pick up a discount gift certificate.

No matter what, we hope you, your friends, and family are staying sane during this trying time. And remember… keep the rubber side down until we see you again.