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What do mountain biking, backcountry skiing, and surfing have in common? After a day of adventure, the crew usually hangs out in the parking lot, enjoying a cold one or some other tasty beverage. As you relax and take in all the post excursion vibes, here’s a few parking lot bike hacks to have fun with.

Bike Hacks For Fun

Bike Bottle Opener

Bottle Opener Bike Hack from A SingleTrack Mind on Vimeo.

You have a cooler in the back with a bunch of bottles and suddenly realize you forgot something. Oh no! The bottle opener is at the house. No, don’t use your teeth or hit the side of the truck. Instead, flip the bike over and get the wheel spinning. As the wheel turns, place the bottle cap near the spinning tire and presto! The bottle cap will come off in an entertaining fashion. Watch out for flying bottle caps & don’t break any spokes!

Portable Bike Stand

bike hacks a singletrack mind mountain bike coach

We talked about the importance of keeping it on the “cheap side” when in the woods but you’re now in the parking lot. So, this is where you should try to stand the bike up. If you’re driving a truck or even a car with higher clearance, you can literally slide the rear tire into the wheel well and it’ll stand the bike up on its own.

Bike Selfie Stick

bike hacks a singletrack mind mountain bike coach

Let’s be truthful here… most of us don’t want to carry around a selfie stick but sometimes you gotta capture the moment and be IN the photo. No problem! Just place your bike upside down and slide the phone carefully within your bike spokes. Those metal rods make for the perfect spot to hold the phone and take your picture.

Hopefully these parking lot shenanigans will entertain you the next time you’re out for a ride or just make you smile. Either way, it’s all about Rule #1 – Have Fun! Do you have any other fun parking lot bike hacks to share?